Ask yourself “what is the most important thing for me in my life?” You may receive answers like money, social status, respect etc. But the basic thing that lies in the core of all these desires is a good health. Hence, fitness first is the buzzword for success. Especially in today’s context when the work load on the individuals is too much to bear. They have to keep up pace with the fast changing world and thus they have to work hard to earn a living. And in order to work hard, the first basic condition is that your body should be fit so that you have the endurance to survive for long. However, being fit has different meanings for different persons working in different kinds of environments and job profiles. For example, fitness for a sportsperson means to be able to survive in a game for a longer period while fitness for an employee in the bank may be interpreted as the ability to sustain the work load on him in an efficient manner without getting exhausted. As the fitness requirements differ from person to person, so does the exercise schedules and diets. You cannot expect a bank employee to run for miles on a morning because he does not require such a high level of exercise. Hence the suitable exercise as per your work schedule is to be maintained for better results. And yes, fitness first should be the basic necessity of everyone.

To remain fit, people have different kinds of options like joining a gym, taking yoga classes or following a diet schedule for providing the body with the essential nutrients. Now a day’s going to gym and spending hours to shape your body is not possible for everyone. So people prefer to buy the necessary equipments so that they can exercise at their home itself. But before starting any kind of exercise, you must give a thought to the kind of body you have. Each and everyone of us has a different body structure and so our requirements and the types of exercises we need to do also differ. The first thing you need to know is that you are following a diet schedule apart from the exercise you do. Second thing is the time of the day at which you do your exercise. Morning is the preferable time to do any kind of exercise, whether it is yogasans or any other exercise. The reason is that any kind of exercise done in the morning results in a good mood and an energetic body for the whole of the day. Also, it is preferable if you visit a doctor before bringing any kind of fitness program in your daily schedule. A problem with most of the individuals is that they start a fitness program and get exhausted in a few days. The reason for this is that they set high goals for their body which are not within their reach. As a result, the endurance limit of their body keeps on decreasing. The human body has a tendency to get in shape gradually and so if you plan to be in shape in a short span, that won’t be possible. So set your limits according to your body.

There are many benefits of following a fitness schedule. First, your mind remains calm and cool for the remaining part of the day. Second, your body becomes immune to diseases and allergies. Third, the stamina of your body increases and you are able to survive the long work hours easily. Another benefit of fitness program is that your tissues and muscles become stronger and thus your body’s strength increases. Your weight is another important factor that decides the kind of fitness program you should follow. If your aim is to lose weight, then you need to start with a light exercise in the beginning and then go for heavy exercise and diet schedule at gradual stages. Consistency is must for every schedule and so you need to be consistent. Five days a week would be sufficient for your body because it isadvisable that you give complete rest to your body. After all, machines also get malfunctioned. The body too gets in to a similar condition once you exercise regularly. Hence providing sufficient rest before moving on further would be a good option.

Now we consider the various options available following the fitness first formula. The easiest and the most interesting way to be fit is to join swimming classes. Swimming not only increases your body’s stamina level but it also tones your muscles and provides you with energy to work. Apart from swimming, yogasans is another good option that is becoming popular among the masses in the present age. Yogasans regulate the flow of blood in your body and make the circulation faster and more efficient. Also, yogasans and pranayam makes your mind light, thus giving you patience and a calmness to work with. Cycling in the morning is a preferable option if you have enough time. By cycling, I don’t mean cycling in a closed room on the machine. Cycling is an activity that needs to be carried out in the open fresh air. Apart from cycling, playing a sport would be a perfect option for an individual of any age. Generally people think that sports are for the young. But it is a wrong notion and so you need to consider the importance of sports in your fitness schedule. General sports include badminton, volleyball and cricket (after a good warm up session). Higher level sports that call for greater stamina include football, basketball and tennis. You can choose to go for jogging in the morning as it is also a beneficial option that has multiple purposes. Your body gets in shape and you lose weight simultaneously when you follow a jogging schedule. Cardio exercises and aerobics are for those who want great results in a lesser time. The various exercises are meant for the body but nearly every part of your body gets benefitted by them. To conclude, it would be sufficient to say that don’t overdo, just do it. Fitness First!